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chair yoga classHola Dr Kelly here. I’ll be back…pain again. Watcha gonna do about it???

Get adjusted, stretch, exercise, eat healthy, take your vitamins.

Let’s start with eating healthy. How does eating healthy make any impact with back pain?

When you feel pain, it is your body telling you that something is off. So listen to your body.

When there is pain, there is typically an inflammatory process occurring. The body needs nutrients to support the healing process.

Eating Healthy

The ligaments, tendons, nerves, muscles – all need nutrients. Supply them with what they need by first eating healthy. Second by removing foods that add to inflammation. Lastly by adding any extra supplements your body needs.

Healthy foods – fruits, vegetables & lean protein.

Inflammatory foods – processed junk food, fried food, night shade vegetables, sugar.

Extra supplements – Boswellia, Magnesium, Valerian, Turmeric, B complex.


Now onto stretching…there are studies that support the importance of stretching & studies that suggest stretching is not as impactful as we think.

I personally recommend stretching. It is good to have your muscles in the ready.

Neck stretches – sitting or standing with good posture, bring your ear towards you shoulder and hold for 20 seconds. Now turn your head and look into your armpit and hold for 20 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

Back stretches – Cat/Cow pose with arching your back up and holding for 5 sec to slowly moving into dropping your hips down and letting your back dip for 5 sec. Repeat 5 times.

Glut stretch – cross your ankle over the opposite knee. Lean forward as you push the free knee away and hold for 20 sec.

Stretching Neck Glut Stretch


Exercise helps to strengthen the back to prevent injury. Once again you need to listen to your body. If an exercise feels uncomfortable, STOP Let me know and we can modify the exercise.

Wall exercise – this helps to keep your body in a good posture position. It takes the added stress off your body. Stand with your back up against the wall and your feet about a foot away from the wall. Keep your head up against the wall. Rotate your palms of your hands out. The back of your hands will touch the wall. Press the small of your back into the wall. Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

Deadbug exercise – One of my favorite exercises. Lay flat on the floor with your knees in shelf position. Bring your arms up to 90%. Extend the arm and opposite leg while keeping the small of your back pressed onto the floor. Bring the arms and legs back to the starting position. Repeat to the opposite arm & leg.

Getting Adjusted

One of the most important key components. Keep your spine aligned and nerves flowing. If the joints of your back are moving properly, you are healthier and less likely to have pain in the first place. If they are locked up, getting them moving, gets you moving and back to your every day life with less pain!

Message me if you have any questions on the stretches or exercise. Even better, ask me at your next visit for a demo. I can make sure you are performing them properly. If the question is about the supplements – Gayle can upload the needed supplement support directly to your Fullscript account.

Yours in Healthy Naturally,
Dr. Kelly

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