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Leaky Gut --What Happens in the Gut, Does Not Stay in the Gut

female with stomach painHappy Tuesday! Dr Kelly here. Leaky Gut –What Happens in the Gut, Does NOT stay in the Gut!!

The Gut is not Vegas baby! What happens in the gut does not stay in the gut. You may have heard of the term Leaky Gut. Today I want to dive into what Leaky Gut is. Here is a slide from Dr. Axe that I hope will make it easier for you to understand.

Your gut – stomach, small intestine, large intestine – is lined with a wall of cells. The cells are lined tightly next to each other. Standing shoulder to shoulder. When you eat an apple, you start chewing. It is the job of the teeth & mouth to start the breaking down of the apple. You have enzymes in your digestive tract that further breakdown the food into smaller pieces that your body can absorb and use for nutrition.

leaky gut

When the cells are tight only the small nutrients, which are critical for survival, get absorbed into the blood. If there is space in between the cells larger chucks of the apple can get into the blood.

The body knows the larger chunks of the apple are not supposed to be there and mounts an immune system attack.

This is the Problem and is Leaky Gut.

Your body wastes energy and time to get the apple out of the body. You never even get to use the good nutrients of the apple! This is how you can be intolerant to an apple, to Gluten or to Dairy. This is why a simple finger prick can identify exactly what foods you should or should not be eating.

So How Do You Fix Leaky Gut?

There is a process to heal your gut. Removing the foods that are aggravating the gut helps but typically you need more support. I start with 1st doing the food testing to see if there is an immune reaction to certain foods. Then possibly test your stool for pathogens.

**Note even if you have had an allergy test from your doctor, this is a different type of testing for IgG.

If there is a reaction, this is what we do:

  1. Reset: Work on your diet, lifestyle and mindset
  2. Remove: Any bad bacteria and the items you are reactive to
  3. Replace: Add digestive enzymes
  4. Regenerate: Support nutrients to help your body heal
  5. Re-Inoculate: Add good bacteria
  6. Re-Introduce: Possibly add certain foods back into diet

Text Leaky Gut to learn if more testing at Tree of Life Wellness Center is right for you.

Yours in Healthy Naturally,
Dr. Kelly

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