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Woman with arms outstretchedGood morning! Dr Kelly here. How often should I come in?

With the initial visit, 3 times a week is typical to help support the body to heal. It takes a cluster of care to get your body to reset.

It can take 90 days to implement a new routine into the body.

Your body has muscle memory.

Think about a golf swing. It takes practice to break the bad habit of a terrible golf swing & replace it with that stellar swing that results in a birdie.

The body needs that new routine to remember that you need to bring your shoulders down and back to maintain a good posture.

Otherwise, muscle memory will bring your body right back into it’s old bad habits. Slouched in your chair over the computer.

Woman with store back

Wellness visits are for patients that have no symptoms and want to keep it that way. This could be once a week to once a month.

Most patients are in maintenance care. They feel better after getting adjusted. They still get aches and pains from their daily lives.

They want to maintain where they are at. Most importantly they DO NOT want to go back to when they were in pain.

If you are a maintenance patient you may be getting adjusted once a week, once every other week or once every 3 weeks.

If you remember the lovely drawing I drew for you in the beginning of your care, I discussed scar tissue.

It can take 7-14 days for the body to put down a layer of scar tissue from an injury.

This can be an injury of sleeping funny, sitting in the chair for too long, etc. Your body is not in a crisis, you don’t run to the doctor, your body puts a layer of scar tissue down to protect your body.

I like to think of scar tissue like bubble gum, it is sticky, gooey tissue that fills in. Over time you start to develop calcifications and arthritis.

Maintenance keeps you as flexible as possible and moving in a positive direction as we get older.

Can I come back in for Wellness visits if I have not been adjusted for a while? Yes!

Often times patients who have not been adjusted in a while get back on the schedule and your body bounces right back to where it needs to be.

What happens if I am under maintenance or wellness care and I injury myself? Again, I have found that patients bounce back quickly.

Your body has muscle memory. With some gentle guidance, your body gets right back on track.

Text us Wellness @ 6309418733 to get back on the schedule. We will see you at your next visit!

Yours in Healthy Naturally,

Dr. Kelly

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