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Happy Tuesday! ? Dr. Kelly here.  Monday April 8th is the Solar Eclipse.

This may be the last time I will witness a Total Solar Eclipse.

They don’t happen very often.

The next one in the US will not be until 2033. Then again in 2039. Both will occur in Alaska. ?

2045 will be in the western and southern parts of the US.?

More recently I have been focusing on gaining experiences with my family.

We make sure we eat dinner together. We take a vacation with all of us.

This spring Chloee, Liam & I, along with Gayle and her children and my parents are all going to see the Total Solar Eclipse. ?

It will be happening in Southern Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.

A Total Solar Eclipse is when the moon moves between the sun and the earth. When this happens, the sun is completely blocked.


The 2024 eclipse is being called the Great Northern America Eclipse.

National eclipse states “it is going to be the more spectacular than the 2017 eclipse.”

So, If you want to experience the Solar Eclipse in the Midwest, April 8th is the day to make it happen.

This link gives you some insightful information on the eclipse.

This link shows the path of the eclipse.

Get in your car and find a spot to watch the 2024 Great Northern America Eclipse!

I hope to post some pictures on the Tree of Life Wellness Center’s Facebook page and Instagram.

Text Eclipse if you plan on viewing the Total Solar Eclipse! ??

Yours in Healthy Naturally,

Dr. Kelly

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