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The Sixth Annual District 205 Homeless Student Drive is Here!

fall foliageDr. Kelly here. The Sixth Annual District 205 Homeless Student Drive is here. I am a founding member and current President of Elmhurst Wellness Team, EWT. For the past 6 years, The Tree of Life Wellness Center Team has sponsored the Annual District 205 Homeless Student Drive!

While we wish we never needed to host this, we are happy to have the support of Elmhurst’s supportive community.

This may come as a surprise to many. Currently in Elmhurst, there are a record number of over 80 students in K-12 who qualify as homeless, more students will likely be added throughout the winter.

Homeless is defined as a family who has lost housing and is not residing in a stable environment, meaning it is not fixed, adequate, or regular. In general, “fixed” is not living in a car. “Adequate” means having safe and proper utilities. “Regular” means not staying as guests or “doubled up” in rooms. If missing one of the three criteria, the student qualifies as homeless. A common situation is that a family has been evicted from their home and is now staying as a guest and is “doubling up.” In short, a larger number of people are under one roof.

The Tree of Life Wellness Center Team is once again inviting the community to support these students during this holiday season. The participation and support was spectacular last year but now need to continue that effort.

The collection runs from November 7th through December 9th. When asked directly what was most needed, the families requested gift cards from stores for food and toiletries. We are, therefore, keeping our gifts to monetary donations in the form of gift cards from specific retailers in $25 increments.

How to Give

If you would like to give, scan the QR code & donate directly or drop off a gift card.

Annual drive QR Code

Once you’ve purchased the gift card(s), please drop off your gift at one of the following storefronts: Brew Point (all locations), Tree of Life Wellness Center, or Elmhurst Administration Office. Look for our drop boxes throughout the Elmhurst community.

You also can send your gift cards directly to:

District 205 Administration
C/O Micki Dobrowski
162 S. York St.
Elmhurst 60126

Thank you in advance for giving and showing those most in need in our community that Elmhurst cares about them! Text our office or respond to this email if you have any questions.


Yours in Healthy Naturally,
Dr. Kelly

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