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Tree of Life Wellness Center Reviews

No More Back Pain and Better Posture

In November 2011 I spontaneously started having extreme lower back pain. I sit all day at work and I could barely concentrate from the pain. I couldn’t sleep through the night and I could barely walk without pain shooting up my back. I tried heating pads and pain killers but it didn’t cure my problem. My wife visited Dr. Kelly earlier in the year for shoulder and back pain and she suggested that I try see a chiropractor like Dr. Kelly. I visited Dr. Kelly the week before Thanksgiving and started 3 adjustments a week as well as exercise therapy in her office.

After 2 weeks I could already notice that my back pain was diminishing and I could actually get a good nights rest. Now after 2 months I no longer have any back pain and my posture is better and I stand taller. Everyone that works at the office are super friendly too. I’m glad that the office has convenient hours after work and on Saturdays to fit into my work schedule. I highly recommend anyone with back pain visit Dr Kelly, you’ll be glad you did.


Teacher Preferred

“I ordered Foot Levelers’ orthotic sandals [through Dr. Kelly]. They are the most comfortable sandals I have ever owned. I am a teacher and am on my feet all day. The sandals relieve pressure and help with pain.” On Chiropractic care with Dr. Kelly: “I feel better. I feel I am doing something good for myself and my family.”

~Roxanne R.

My Golf Game has Improved

I wanted to be able to keep up my active lifestyle in my middle age years and beyond. I also wanted to avoid surgery. My feet are less sore, and my knee is getting better. My golf game has improved as I have more flexibility.

~Denise R.

I Trust Dr. Kelly

Over the past four years I have come to know Dr. Kelly as a friend, mother and professional. I trust her personally. I know that she will do whatever is possible to help my son and family with any chiropractic issues. Her passion for her work is admirable and contagious.

~Sara K.

No More Ear Infections

Had the flu and wanted to prevent an ear infection as well as reduce length of time of the cold. I used to get ear infections 3-4 time a year. Have not had an ear infection since beginning of treatments. Like her bedside manners. Very easy to talk to and listened well to our questions.

~Ann D.

No More Knee Pain

My knee was getting worse & worse. I was afraid that it might give out on me as I was descending stairs. Traditional chiropractic care gave only temporary relief from the pain. I first went to Dr. Kelly in July 2007. The positive effect was immediate! I soon found myself running up and down stairs without thinking about it. I walked 12 miles recently. I not only had no knee pain that day but overall muscle soreness the next 2 days was negligible.

~Steve S.

Headaches are Gone

I came to Dr. Kelly a year ago and could barely stand straight and suffered from chronic headaches. I can honestly say I have had one headache since beginning adjustments and my lower back pain is almost completely gone! I no longer have to take headache or pain medications and now only get adjusted twice a week. The improvement was so amazing, my son now sees her as well. We both feel healthier!

~Dori S.



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