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Tree of Life Wellness Center Reviews

Staying Pain Free

I came to Dr. Kelly because I could not stand up. I was in a lot of leg pain from my back. I have been working with Dr. Kelly since Oct 2007 to the present. Along with Dr. Kelly, I went to therapy. I feel that Dr. Kelly was able to get me to a point where I could go to therapy. I am no longer in pain. I keep going to Dr. Kelly, because I feel that she is helping me to stay pain free. Dr. Kelly really cares about the health of the people she invests her time on. She really wants to help all people to be healthy, in order to have a better world. If everyone would do their part to obtain this goal, just think how much better our world would be. ~Lois T.

Better Mobility and Range of Motion

I have been coming to Tree of Life for two years. I came due to a problem I was having in my elbow (tendonitis, arthritis). I also had a previous neck injury. I began a gluten free diet about four years ago. Along with my diet and chiropractic, I fell 100% better. I was not a big believer in chiropractic in the past. However, now I notice a difference in both my mobility and my range of motion. My eldest daughter had several healthy issues and was on a gluten free diet for about five years. She began care at Tree of Life and noticed a difference in her reduced symptoms and energy level. Read more of Kathleen’s story »

Presently, I am working on getting my husband in for treatment. He comes with me every Saturday, but is not yet a patient. I keep telling him I want to grow old together and I know that with a health diet, exercise and chiropractic he could lower his blood pressure and cholesterol. I know our health is related to and connected to all aspects of our life; spiritual, physical, emotional and social. I have seen the difference chiropractic makes in my life and I truly believe I have more energy now. This gives me the opportunity to continue to work to make a difference in my corner of the world. Thanks Dr. Kelly for caring and sharing your love for chiropractic!

~Kathleen G.

Relief from Migraines

I was first exposed to the chiropractic way of living almost a decade ago when I was suffering from migraine headaches. My headaches were eased and are now managed without drugs but through regular adjustments. I view chiropractic care as part of my regular wellness routine; it helps balance my healthy lifestyle. ~Amy S.

Dr. Kelly is so accommodating

My entire family sees Dr. Kelly! She accommodates my crazy schedule and my kids schedules. I feel so good knowing that I am doing something good for my family. ~Roxanne R.

Sick Less and Less Severe

Although Samantha is in pre-school and other activities, she is sick much less frequently and when she does get colds, the duration is much shorter. ~Christy W.

More Flexibility

After six sessions with Dr. Kelly, I was able to do a yoga pose called the standing head to knee on my right side without any pain. Previously, I could not straighten my leg during the pose and I would feel tension and pain on my right hip. ~Marisela P.

My Life has Improved

Greetings and thank you for your interest in my story. I first met Dr. Kelly in the summer of 2001, while she was practicing at Americare Health and Rehab Center in Westchester, Il. I had been over worked and way over stressed out from my job and life in general. This resulted in such severe, chronic upper back pain that I had trouble standing or sitting straight. She was able to help me immediately and I was on the road to recovery. Once I achieved relief from the treatments, I discontinued care; as I failed to adhere to her advice to continue treatments. Read more of Karen’s story »

This only landed me right back in her office just a few short months later. Over the past eight years she treated me for upper back pain, lower back pain, a stubborn locked jaw, sinus issues and a few other random maladies. Her chiropractic methods are, in my mind unique, as the use of the activator is truly noninvasive and is an ideal way to ‘turn on’ our energy! Although she has treated me for quite some time, it was just in the last few years that I realized the importance of regular, consistent care. Anyone who has paid attention to her words of wisdom can tell you that all the messages transmitted throughout our bodies are carried by the nervous system; channeled out from our brains. When those channels are blocked by our own physical (or mental) issues, our bodies do not function optimally-like having a bad telephone connection, you can get the message out, but the quality depends on the system. By keeping our signal strong-this is where that regular, consistent basis comes in-she is able to help us improve our lives. I would strongly recommend anyone who seeks a better quality life to discuss with Dr. Kelly the many ways that she can improve your life. Dr. Kelly is sincerely interested and determined to help us help ourselves-ask any of her patients.

~Karen S.


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