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Shoulder Pain

Happy Tuesday! ? Dr Kelly here. Are you or someone you love suffering with shoulder pain?

shoulder painIt can be very frustrating dealing with shoulder pain. Shoulder pain can be from the shoulder itself or it can be pain coming from your neck.?
The best way to assess the source of the pain is to do an exam. I can determine the cause and get you on the best course of action. ?
One of the great reasons I use an instrument is that I can get in and adjust your neck AND your shoulders!
Some great shoulder exercises are walking up the wall with your fingers. You can do it looking straight at the wall or turned. Keep the range or how far up you walk your fingers up the wall within a pain-free range. This exercise should not cause you pain.

hand against wall step one
hand against wall

You can let your arm hang freely down and do small circles in both motions. Again, this is all pain free.

step three arm hanging down
To strengthen the shoulder, with the elbow at 90* gently press your 1) forearm into the wall then 2) fist into the wall.

arm against wall
fist against wall

Remember to bring the shoulders down and back. Sitting nice and tall. Pretending that there is a string attached to the top of your head that is connected to the ceiling. Pulling you up and tall.

No matter what you are doing, typing at the computer, riding on your bike, raking leaves, keep your shoulder down and back.

Maintain that idea posture throughout as much of the day as possible.

The wall exercise is a great exercise to do throughout the day. Head up against the wall, feet shoulder lengthen apart about a foot away from the wall, bring the small of your back up against the wall. Rotate the palms of your hands out.
Text SHOULDER if you need any more info. Or better yet, ask me on your next visit. ?

Yours in Healthy Naturally,
Dr. Kelly

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