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Protein Shakes

Good morning! Dr Kelly here. An easy way to add more protein in your diet, is a shake.

Protein shakes are easily and quickly absorbed by the body. But what should you look for in a protein shake?

The most important ingredient to look for is the source of the protein.

Protein can come from a dairy source — Whey, or a beef source, or a vegan source of Pea Protein.

No matter what type of protein you choose, you need to investigate where the source of the protein came from. Read the label.

A bovine source (whey or beef) could have all kinds of hormones, it could be synthetically made. Pea protein could have pesticides.

Know the company & read for the source. On Fullscripts I recommend physician grade supplements.

Whey is a very common source for protein shakes. You can even get a shake that is KETO!

protein shake bag
protein shake jar

Since many people do not do well with dairy, I avoid it with a beef bone broth protein source.

Pure Paleo jar

You can change up the flavor from a chocolate to a vanilla to unflavored.

With a Pea Protein source, an organic source is typically the most clean source.

Pure Pea jar

One scoop of protein powder with….Water, Any Nut milk, Cow’s milk if you are doing dairy. You can add it to your smoothie. There are several options!

Spice up the protein shake with nutrients from veggies. A scoop of Greens even adds some algae. Much more power packed.
Paleo greens jar
If you are looking for protein with some extra nutrients but not all those veggies consider PaleoMeal.
Paleo meal jar
For me, I love to fast through my morning workout & end it with a protein shake of a scoop of PurePaleo and a scoop of Paleo Greens with homemade almond milk.

You can reach out by responding to this email or text us if you want more info on what protein is best for you. Even better, ask me about it at your next visit.

Text us ADD PROTEIN @ 6309418733 & we can add the shake options to your FullScript account. If you do not have a FullScript account click on the link:

Yours in Healthy Naturally,
Dr. Kelly

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