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Pillow of Health - Great for a Good Night's Sleep


Anyone who has had a bad night’s sleep knows that it can ruin your whole day: you’re tired, you’re achy, and you want to go home and go to bed. The worst part, though, could be the impacts on your overall health: a lack of restful sleep can lead to impaired thinking, high blood pressure, weight gain, overall weakened immunity and more.

There are many ways to achieve more restful sleep, including not engaging in electronics within one or two hours of when you’re going to bed, exercise, getting adjusted, and watching your diet. Sometimes, though, it’s as simple as needing a new pillow!

Pillows provide support for your spine, which houses the nerves that control all functions of your body. Keeping your spine healthy and properly supported, then, is one of the most important steps you can take toward gaining more restful sleep and improvement of your overall health.

Though everyone has different preferences for pillows, the most critical aspect is that the slight curve in the neck is maintained when you are asleep. Selecting a pillow can be tricky, but Dr. Kelly recommends the Pillow of Health. The Pillow of Health can be adjusted to your preference and is also made out of natural materials that help those who suffer from allergies. Learn more by calling 630-941-8733 or emailing today!

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