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Natural Bug Spray

toasting marshmallowsHappy Tuesday! ? Dr Kelly here. It is Mosquito season:)

Mosquitos love me ???

I can go outside and within a few minutes I’ve been bitten. It really makes me dislike being outside. As you all know, I try to avoid toxic chemicals as much as possible.

So where does that leave us for mosquito season❗❗❗❗❓❓

Natural Bug Spray!

Do you use essential oils? Essential oils are an excellent mode of having a superior protection, but no toxic chemical exposure (that is if you use a clean oil). Doterra is my go-to oil.

Doterra makes a bug spray – TerraSheild, but here at Tree of Life we make our own. Gayle host’s our yearly free Bug Spray Make-n-Take. Some of you have been in years past.

If you have the oils at home -Here is the recipe:


  1. 30ml spray bottle
  2. 20 drops of TerraShield
  3. 20 drops of Lemongrass
  4. 20 drops of Purify
  5. 10 drops of Cedarwood
  6. Top off with water or witch hazel
  • TerrraShield- Proven to naturally repel mosquitoes, Delivers an invigorating aroma, Provides skin-soothing benefits
  • Lemongrass – Supports healthy digestion when taken internally, Soothes skin & Provides a refreshing sensation on skin
  • Purify – Provides a refreshing aroma & Protects against environmental threats
  • Cedarwood – Creates a comforting and relaxing environment, & Helps to maintain healthy-looking skin
  • Eucalyptus – Creates a calm atmosphere during stressful circumstances, May have cleansing properties due to its main constituent 1,8 cineole, & Provides a cooling sensation, which may contribute to feelings of open airways

The key to this natural bug spray is to RUB IT INTO YOUR SKIN. You can not lightly spray it on. You must make sure you rub the oil into your skin.


It really does. Try it and let us know.

Yours in Healthy Naturally,
Dr. Kelly

Bug Spray Make-n-Take – June 15th @ 11:30am

Gayle-bug-sprayText BUG SPRAY if you would like to join us for the free make -n-take. Gayle will get you registered. Space is limited, so register early. You can also respond to this email, text us if you would like to order the TerraSheild.

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