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Jobs that Trigger Neck Pain

Pain is no fun and being unable to do the things you want to do can be a real pain in the neck!  For people suffering from neck pain, there is a range of symptoms is vast, and can include everything from burning or stabbing pain to numbness or weakness. Here at Tree of Life Chiropractic  we know that managing neck pain at work is a big deal, especially when it is the various jobs that trigger neck pain in those who perform these tasks day in and day out:

Jobs that Trigger Neck Pain

  • Police-The stress of the job is enough is make anyone tense and on edge, which can lead to a range of neck problems, and add to it the high-paced nature of the work and the long hours and the range of activities done as part of the job and it is easy to see why neck pain is common in this career!
  • Firefighters- Carrying heavy loads, dragging and pulling heavy hoses, pulling people out of burning buildings, running up flights of stairs, climbing ladders, and all the other work firefighters, do can take a major toll on the body- especially the neck and back.
  • Truckers- Sitting may not seem like a stressful thing to do all day but driving foes the neck, back, and shoulders to be at unnatural angles and positions and this can cause pain in the joints and muscles and many truckers report neck pain as a major complaint that comes from their line of work.

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  • Loaders/Stockers- Jobs that trigger neck pain include those who load and unload trucks and move product one and off shelves and other areas throughout the day, making them lift heavy loads and do a lot of bending and moving that stresses the neck and back.
  • Flight Crew- Those who work on planes often report neck pain and many airlines make it a point to teach their flight crews how to go about managing neck pain at work in order to avoid extensive pain and discomfort associated with the work flight crews do each and every day. These individuals benefit greatly from chiropractic care!
  • Secretary -When it comes to jobs that trigger neck pain the secretarial jobs are definitely on the list because the varied tasks that they do all stress the neck, back, and shoulders- typing, computer work, phone calls, and lots of moving and twisting.
  • Writer- Hunching over a computer writing is a major cause for shoulder and neck pain and writers often complain of these symptoms; it is not just wanna-be authors who spend hours writing as many people now do freelance writing and those who write blogs and websites also experience these pains.
  • Assembly Workers- Long held as one of the risky jobs when it comes to injury to muscles and joints, the assembly line worker does the same thing and carried out the same motions all day long, each and every day; this can lead to significant neck and back pain and complications!
  • Nurse/Doctor- Being on their feet all day, walking around, bending, lifting, sitting and moving is what a nurse and doctor do and add to that the long procedures and surgeries that happen every day it is easy to see why neck pain would be one of many symptoms this profession could bring with it.

jobs that trigger neck pain

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There are other professions that can lead to neck and back pain including teachers, construction workers, roofers, plumbers, coders, and more.  Jobs that trigger neck pain are very common and many people work at these jobs each and every day. Taking care of your spine is critical to preserving your overall health, so getting routine care from a skilled chiropractor is a key aspect of preserving health and wellness.  Here at Tree of Life Chiropractic, we specialize in helping our patients find the best way to go about managing neck pain at work. Call us today to set up your consultation appointment and to see how we can help with your pain in the neck conditions!

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