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Impulse IQ

Sunny fieldHappy Tuesday! Dr Kelly here.

Typically, when you think about chiropractic, you think about popping your back.

So why is it that when you come to Tree of Life Wellness Center, you don’t hear much popping?

I use an instrument to assist me in getting the neurological input into your body.

In school I initially learned manual adjusting. However, over my almost 24 years in practice, I have fine tuned my technique to incorporate instrument adjusting.

I have found that with those 24 years of practice, I get the best results from instrument adjustment.

There are many different instruments to use.

I have found that the most researched instrument gives me the best results.

Impulse IQ Brochure

I use an Impulse IQ. They have even performed studies on humans in Europe as a patient was about to have the back surgery done!

The Impulse IQ has a computer sensor inside the unit that senses motion.

It is like pushing someone on the swing. You know when the right time is to push again. The IQ sends a message until you have maximum oscillation in that particular joint.

Like flossing your teeth. I can floss in between particular vertebrae – bones of the spine.

I can use the instrument to get a neurological input into the muscle too.

It feels really good to have the impulse get into a tight segment.

Pain in your wrist, foot, knee, elbow?

Not a problem, the IQ is that precise to get right into your joint!

The instrument may assist in getting the neurological impulse, but all the healing is hands on healing.

It is doctor lead as to what segments need to be helped. I determine if the segment of the spine is working properly.

Impulse IQ DiagramYou can hear the instrument get faster or slower. Picture a swing at your favorite park.

If you have a 20lb kid in the swing or a 300lb person in the swing. When your joint is locked up, not moving well, lots of scar tissue, it is like you have a 300lb person in the swing.

Thump, thump, you hear the noise very slowly. If you hear a quick beep, beep. The joint is moving well.

I have the privilege to guide your body in the right direction. Your body gets to do all the work to bring you back to true health.

What that means is that you get the best technology with the precision that gets you the best results faster.

No need to be nervous about the cracking of the neck. The Impulse IQ gets the input into your body.

It is as if your nervous system gets reset.

With a reset nervous system, your body gets back on the path to healing. You can get back to doing the things you love to do.

Text or respond to this email if you need any more info. Or better yet, ask me on your next visit.

Yours in Healthy Naturally,
Dr. Kelly

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