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How Chiropractic Care Can Benefit Children

chiropractic care and childrenMany people today are confused about what chiropractic care is exactly and the benefits that can be attained through chiropractic treatments and care. There are many professionals in the medical field, particularly those that focus on homeopathic natural approaches to pain managements and health, that believe chiropractic is vastly underutilized. The biggest issue is that people today need to understand that the nervous system, which is largely located in the spinal column, controls almost all of the body’s functions: when something is wrong with the spine it can impact every other area of the body. One chiropractor from California described it in this manner: “When we have a condition in chiropractic we call subluxation, which is misalignment or dysfunction in the spine as far as mobility is concerned, it can cause nerve interference, which will interfere with the expression of intelligence that flows over the spinal cord and nerves. It can contribute not only causing pain that most people perceive as a chiropractic problem but also can cause organs not to function 100 percent” (Mercola). This is why it is so important that everyone, young and old get the right care and pay attention to their spinal health. There are many benefits of chiropractic care, and more and more parents are learning that a good chiropractor can help with pediatric spinal health and help alleviate many common infant and childhood issues.


Benefits of Chiropractic Care – Preventative

Investigations that has been conducted for a number of years by researchers and scientists and doctors all suggest that chiropractic treatments can help prevent progressive spinal degeneration and help individuals preserve their spinal health. You go to a dentists to keep your teeth healthy; you go to the doctor to keep your body healthy; you should go to a chiropractor to keep your spine in good shape too. Your spinal column, the bones and ligaments, the vertebrae, and the discs all work together to protect the most delicate and important system of your body: your nervous system.

Proper health maintenance and care is really about doing that is within your power that can possibly do to get the body back in a proper balance and rhythm. This is not only to be done chemically but also spiritually and mentally, and it is this focus on a more natural approach and an attention to the mental and spiritual side of full body care that separates chiropractors from many of the other doctors and medical professionals in the field. Many parents who are getting chiropractic care themselves wonder if there are benefits of chiropractic care that their children can benefit from. The answer is yes, pediatric spinal health is a large part of the chiropractic practice and many chiropractors are trained to work with infants and children. Taking care of spinal issues sooner rather than later is always best and starting when your children are young can help them avoid many issues later in life and can actually help strengthen their spine so they have less issues as they grow and mature.

Good chiropractors shine brightest when they work to address the cause of the problem. There is an underlying reason for every ailment in the body and it is not a lack of medication that causes it; rather, it is an issue with the natural flow and balance within the body. Somebody might suffer from hypertension but this not because they do not have high blood pressure medication, it is because there is a problem with their blood and heart and the balance of elements within the body. Your child might have asthma but it is not because there is no Ventolin for them to take and if toy have an ear infection the cause is not that they do not have amoxicillin in their blood stream. It is all caused by a lack of certain elements and too much of others within the body.  Those things have their place in a crisis situation and medication can save lives and is good in small doses but they will treat only h symptoms, not the cause of the issues at hand. Blood pressure meds fix the issue but as soon as you stop taking them the issue returns.  Chiropractors don’t look at the symptoms; they look at what caused the symptoms and work to address that so the symptoms improve and get better and go away completely. They look at the individual holistically and see what’s going on with their nervous system and try to pinpoint the issue that is causing the symptoms they are seeing.


How Children Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care

Most children who are seen by a chiropractor are not there for pain issues; after all, how many 5 year-olds throw out their back moving furniture or get into an accident at work? Rather, many chiropractors see infants and children for typical childhood problems such as colic, earaches, allergies, growing pains, and asthma, to name a few examples. Chiropractors can also help reduce injury and chance for complications from the stumbles, trips, and falls kids from the age of 2 to 5 are so well known for. Children are designed to be tough and to be healing machines- and to some extent, injuries, falls, trips, and the normal childhood issues they experience helps make them stronger down the road. But now and then they need some help to bounce back or deal with an issue.

There are times modern treatments will not work as well. Antibiotics are not always the answer. Medicines can help but might not fully take care of the problem. Sometimes there can be lasting injury that needs chiropractic care- this is all especially true for children.  If your daughter is getting multiple ear infections every year, antibiotics are not the best choice because they clearly are not removing the cause of the problems and it could be a spine related issue.  If your toddler son seems crankier or is having more stomach problems than before, it could be related to his spine become misaligned because of all the tumbles and falls he is taken as he learns to walk and run and jump and climb. Modern medicine is good and has done wonders for children’s health but sometimes a more natural homeopathic approach is what is needed. Pediatric spinal health is important and far too many parents and pediatricians ignore this vital part of a child’s medical care. You owe it to your child to allow them the chance to experience the benefits of chiropractic care and see how it can change their childhood for the better!


Tips for Finding the Right Chiropractor

When you make the choice to take your child to see a chiropractor you need to make sure you are trusting someone who is trained and experienced working with children. There are amazing benefits of chiropractic care that you can experience almost immediately in some cases and when it comes to pediatric spinal health the sooner you get started the better! Here are some things to keep in mind that can help you and your child get the maximum benefits of chiropractic care :

  • Ask your friends for a recommendation to see who they could recommend and who they think might be a good match for you and your child’s personalities and needs.
  • Meet the doctor before the appointment. Call the office and see if there is a time you can meet with the chiropractor, even just for a few minutes to talk to them and get a feel for how you and your child like them.
  • Do they focus on your area of need? Ask questions and find out if they have experience working with the unique situation you may be in.  If your child has some issue due to a premature birth or a traumatic birth, ask if they have worked with children like that before.  If there is a chronic or repeat issues, ask them questions about how they would approach those issues.
  • Some chiropractors confine their practice to the mechanical treatment of back and neck pain, and others use a wide range of processes and treatments- make sure you know what the chiropractor will use and that you are comfortable with it all.
  • Does the doctor “walk the talk”? Just as you would scoff at a gym teacher who is overweight and clearly is a couch potato, the same holds true for your chiropractor. Are they taking care of their bodies the same way they will be telling you to take care of your own body?
  • Do you click and seem to like each other? Do you communicate well? Do you feel comfortable around them? Does your child like them or are they afraid of them even after several visits with them? You have to be able to trust your chiropractor and your child needs to know they are there to help them not hurt them!
  • What treatment techniques are used? There are many ways a chiropractor can work to maintain spinal health. Chiropractic techniques include low-force adjustments by hand, and more forceful adjustments using instruments. Some use one or the other and many use both depending on the needs so be sure to ask which ones will be used and remember to ask often as it can change and vary from appointment to appointment.
  • Many professional chiropractors are also trained in other complementary techniques and areas of treatment and many also a primary focus- whether it is pain management, pediatric care, elderly care, injury recovery, or something else. So make sure you ask what else your doctor may have in his or her bag of tricks that might help down the road.


It is so important that everyone, young and old get the right care and pay attention to their spinal health. There are many benefits of chiropractic care, and more and more parents are learning that a good chiropractor can help with pediatric spinal health and help alleviate many common infant and childhood issues. Discover the benefits today for yourself!





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