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Hip Pain

casual man with back painHappy Tuesday! Dr Kelly here. Another pain in my A$$.

Hip pain. It is the pain in the butt.

Is the pain coming from your back or is it the hip bone itself?

Is it coming from the hip joint or the piriformis muscle?

Do you have arthritis in the hip and need a replacement?

Do you have a labral tear?

Depending on the origin of the pain, the treatment protocol will differ.


Nutritional support is essential. Depending on what the cause of the hip pain is, supplements can be recommended.

Whole Body Collagen
I recommend Collagen on an everyday basis.

Baxaprin is for a more acute or recent hip injury.

Cal/Mag 1:1
Your muscles need the proper nutrients to function and heal. For that to happen your body needs Calcium and Magnesium.

Deep Blue rub
Cream can be used to rub into the hip and offer temporary relief. I recommend Doterra’s Deep Blue Rub. Massage work will address the muscle in the glut region.


piriformis stretchA Piriformis stretch is key. You can do these two ways.

1) While laying on your back, cross your right ankle over your left knee. Wrap your hands around your left thigh & bring your thigh/knee to your chest. You can push on the right knee to increase the stretch.

2) While you are sitting, cross your right ankle over your left knee. While tilting from your waist, bring your chest down to your thigh/knee. You can push on the right knee to increase the stretch.

Often forgotten are a Hamstring & Psoas stretch. They can both be very beneficial to lessen the strain on the pelvic bone & lower back.

Hamstring - Bring the heel of your foot up on a ledge. Squat down and bend forward until you feel a stretch.

Psoas – This one is a little trickier to stretch. The easiest way is to get into a lunge position and lean back with your upper body.


Even though the gluts are one of your strongest muscles, they can be neglected and not used properly.

Clam exercises help to strengthen the glut muscles.

Squats are a wonderful way to strengthen the gluts. No need for equipment. Get up and do air squats.

The most important treatment is to get your hip adjusted!

I always find it interesting as to why one hip is so much worse than the other one.

You could be out of balance and the hip continues to rub causing abnormal wear and tear.

Once again, using instrument adjusting, I can get right into the hip. I can work muscles around the hip. I can assess if the hip is rotated inward or outward.

Your hips could be off balance from side to side. Adjusting the pelvis and spine will get you in line.

I may recommend a heel lift based on your x-ray results. This adds in balancing the pelvis. A balanced pelvis means less abnormal wear and tear.

All of this can be precisely supported with the Impulse IQ.

I also love doing traction to the hip. It is not the most comfortable position, but it adds tremendous relief to the hip.

Text or respond to this email HIP to see if you have any questions about the stretches or exercises. Let us know if you would like us to help you or your loved one with hip pain. Or even better, ask us about hip pain on your next visit!


Yours in Healthy Naturally,

Dr. Kelly

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