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Does the Type of Mattress Matter?

MattressGood morning! Dr Kelly here. Does the type of mattress matter?

For those of you who have dropped several of thousands of dollars on a mattress and still wake up with a sore back…then you know YES it does matter.

And it doesn’t have to be you, it could be a loved one who wakes up with a sore back. Is the saying true, a happy wife is a happy life??

If it is not a sore back, it could be numbness in your arms.

You could go on vacation and sleep in a different bed and know instantly that it will not be a good night’s sleep.

Now which type of mattress is best?

That depends on YOU!

Everyone is different. Some people prefer a softer bed, some a firmer bed.

The best way to tell is to sleep on the bed. Since that is difficult, go to the store and lay on them.

For the spine support, I recommend a firmer mattress.

Woman with MattressIf you have slept on it and feel it is too firm, you can always purchase a softer topper.

You will have the support your spine needs and a softer topper that can give you a couple of inches of softness to cozy into.

For your college bound students, I purchased the mattress topper for Chloee to use at school. This way no matter what type of mattress the dorm offered; I knew she had some support in the topper.

The material the bed is made from is important too!

An organic mattress is the cleanest. But I personally do not find these as comfortable. I personally prefer a hybrid model. This gives you less off gas toxins to breath in. Remember, you are ideally spending 7-9 hours on this bed. If the bed is giving off toxic fumes, you are breathing in those fumes for 9 hours.

CertiPUR-US LogoThat is an exposure that is easily remedied. Buy a mattress with low off gas.

When looking for a hybrid model, I recommend Quality Sleep Shop. They hand make all their mattresses right here in Illinois.

They also have an organic mattress line.

If you use the code DRKELLY you will get 10% off.

You can reach out by responding to this email or text us if you want more info on what mattress would be best for you. Even better, ask me about it on your next visit.

Yours in Healthy Naturally,
Dr. Kelly

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