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Discover the Secret to a Bright Smile: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Natural Toothpaste


Good morning! ? Dr. Kelly here.

Do you want a fresh bright smile??
Are you looking for natural toothpaste?

Learn how to maximize your FullScript account. When you log in, you can click on the catalog and scroll down to search. Here you can type in TOOTHPASTE. Click on view all.


Several options for clean toothpaste.

I like the cinnamon taste. My next purchase is going to include the DFH toothpaste. It has probiotics that support oral health. It provides oral microbial balance and periodontal health!?When looking for a probiotic that supports oral health, look for Lactobacillus paracasei.

There are kids flavors too.

Kids Xyli

Check out the breath mints. ??

Mouth Freshener

If you are struggling with periodontal issues, look at the foods you are eating.

If you are gluten sensitive and consuming a lot of gluten, this could break down as sugar in your mouth setting yourself up for periodontal issues. ⚠⚠⚠

When my kids were young, I gave them fruit leather regularly. This is a better option than chips or cookies, but good brushing and flossing is important.

Dr. Kevin Reardon of Reardon Dentistry states:

“Untreated tooth decay is the most common health condition in the world with nearly half of the world’s population affected. Gum disease affects around 30% of adults. -Luckily many major risk for both of these diseases can be lowered by a great oral hygiene routine including brushing twice daily for two minutes each and flossing once a day. ???

The best way to prevent cavities is to physically disrupt the bacterial buildup (called biofilm) on teeth by brushing.

It is always best using a soft bristled toothbrush and to avoid stiff bristled brushes as they can do more harm than good to both the gums and teeth. ???

There is abundant evidence to show that using an electric toothbrush is more effective at removing bacteria from your teeth than using a manual toothbrush.”

Check out Dr. Reardon located on Spring Road, right down the street from us. Here is his website.

You can reach out by commenting below or just text us if you want more information on toothpaste in FullScript. Even better, ask me about it at your next visit.

Text us TOOTHPASTE @ 6309418733 & we can add the toothpaste options to your FullScript account.

Yours in Healthy Naturally,

Dr. Kelly

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