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woman measuring waistHappy Tuesday! Dr Kelly here.

Do you know of someone suffering with pain? Someone wishing they were at a different weight?

Did you know that according to a February Harris poll 61% of people have had undesired weight changes. 10% Gain more than 50 pounds during lock down.

I have been implementing a program for a few years here in the office. It is a weight shedding program. It is an anti inflammatory program. By reducing inflammation, you are reducing pain.

The main focus of the program is dropping weight. This will be done by eating only wholesome foods.

Pick your future weightIt is a low glycemic program. You are eating protein, vegetables & fruit. No shakes or supplements to take. The program is supported with homeopathic drops. There is no caffeine or stimulant in the drops. Only amino acids & B vitamins. You will be fasting in the morning. Eating Lunch & Dinner every day.

There are three phases to the program.

  1. Loading phase โ€“ Increase calorie intake to get your metabolism going.
  2. Losing phase โ€“ your focus is to drop weight.
  3. Locking in phase โ€“ re setting your metabolism & lock in this new weight.

When the program is followed, the average weight loss is 20lbs over 6 weeks.

Help a loved one reach their dream weight & decrease the inflammation in their body. You will be supervised daily by the doctor, me, Dr. Kelly. Gayle, Eleni & even I have done the program. Any questions, you can ask any of us.

If you are looking to drop weight, Text (630) 941-8733 or respond to this email and Gayle can send you a link for a video with more information.

Yours in Healthy Naturally,
Dr. Kelly

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