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Spring Road Pet Parade is this Saturday! Have you thought about getting your pets adjusted too!


springroadparadeHello! Dr Kelly here. If you are receiving this email, then you have probably been adjusted by me. Like humans, animals need to be adjusted too. In order to adjust animals, you need a special certification, which I do not have. Most animals are adjusted by a Chiropractic who works with a Veterinarian. Race horses are adjusted regularly to keep them at optimal function. They might just get more attention than some of us humans!

I personally take my dog, yes, I’m a dog lover to a holistic veterinarian. Dr. Katz utilizes several different modalities to help support your furry loved one. She is located in Downers Grove. My Mae has had homeopathic remedies for seasonal allergies from her.

Dr. Katz stated that:

Dog and cat anatomy is quite different than humans. Because they walk on all 4 legs and hold their spines horizontally, animals often develop “stress points” in the middle of the back. If a dog or cat has a problem with one limb, for instance a knee cap issue, hip problem, or ligament injury, there are always compensatory issues that occur with various muscles and often with the spine. Getting spinal adjustments regularly can help these patients. If you make an appointment with Dr. Katz, let her know Dr. Kelly sent you.

Holistic Veterinary Services

This Saturday is the Spring Road Pet Parade. Text us some pictures of your pet getting adjusted.

Here is a cool video:

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