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Your Second Visit to Our Elmhurst Practice

On your report visit we explain what we found and how we may be able to help you.

Report of Findings

You return to Tree of Life Chiropractic Center for your second visit. You are no longer nervous. You are anxious to find out the results of your exam and x-rays. You watch a wonderful video about chiropractic care.

Dr. Kelly then explains that there are three levels of chiropractic care. The first is initial intensive care designed to correct outer layers of spinal injury. The next level is reconstructive care which helps to correct the deeper layers of scar tissue and injury. The third level is wellness. Wellness is wonderful and will be discussed when you get closer to this type of care.

Dr. Kelly reviews your exam and x-rays with you explaining that you have had damage to your spine and nervous system. This damage is causing much more than pain. It is causing you to loose valuable physical, social and mental well-being. You start to understand that your brain and nervous system control the function of your whole body. You have had damage to your spine and nervous system throughout your life and this is robbing you of your full potential. There are so many layers of injury it will take time for your body to heal. You wish someone had told you about chiropractic earlier, but you are glad you have started care now. Before it is too late. Dr. Kelly asks if you have any questions. You set up a time for you and your spouse to attend the New Patient Orientation. This will help you get the most from your care.

You go to the adjusting room very excited to start the healing process and to have some power restored to your body and mind. Dr. Kelly explains each part of the adjustment. After your adjustment you think “that was easier than I thought.” The adjustment was very specific and there was not a lot of force. She even used a gentle instrument. You get up feeling a sense that there is a change occurring in your body. You know that you have just started on of the most important journeys of your life.

With a big smile you return to the front desk, collect your appointment calendar, and make an appointment for your kids. You do not want them to lose any more potential.

During a visit a few months later, you look around and realize why the people here are full of energy and vitality, and why there are people here who are not sick. Each of the people here are interested in regaining their health and making sure their families are at their highest potential.

You smile and nod at the lady who has just sat down next to you and is filling out her first day’s paperwork. You smile because you are so glad you are on this journey and nod to let her know she has made the right choice.

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