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Your First Visit to Our Elmhurst Practice

You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. Help is on its way!

You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. Help is on its way!

Initial Exam

You nervously enter a doctor’s office and you are greeted by a friendly smile and a warm handshake, not a glass window. Since your time is important, you are immediately given a tour of the office and start filling out your life history. You look to your left and there is a woman in her mid 80’s who smiles and nods. To your right is a mother holding a peacefully sleeping baby. You start to notice that the people here are not in pain or sick. They are filled with energy and vitality. You wonder why are these people here? Doctor’s offices are for sick people.

You finish your paper work and wait for the doctor. You settle in for a long wait, but are surprised when the doctor appears within a few minutes. She introduces herself as Dr. Kelly and explains what will happen today. She is going to go through your history, perform a thorough chiropractic exam, and if needed, take x-rays.

Your History

Your history starts at birth and covers your whole life. Dr. Kelly explains, as a chiropractor, she is interested in your spine and nervous system. This history is designed to find any old injuries you have had to your spine. These injuries are causing interference to your brain and nervous system, leading to problems with all parts of your body.

You had a “normal” birth, which means you are 80-84% likely to have had damage to your nervous system since birth. Your realize that your kids already have spine and nervous system damage. You discover that small falls as a child lead to more layers of spinal injury. A car accident in high school and one two years ago, more spinal injury.

It is starting to make sense. It is not what you did last week that is causing the problem, but all the injuries of your life added together.

Next is your exam

Dr. Kelly explains that she will perform an exam designed to find any injuries you have had to your spine and nervous system. The exam will find all the injuries, both the ones you remember and the ones you do not. Dr. Kelly shows your spinal distortions and loss of motion, both signs of previous spinal injuries. She then examines each of your spinal nerves. You quickly realize this problem is bigger than you thought. Your spine is also filled with muscle spasm, swelling and scar tissue. This is called the vertebral subluxation complex.

The vertebral subluxation complex can lead to spinal degeneration. Destruction of your spine that can be seen on x-ray. She shows you how with time spinal injuries cause more and more spinal degeneration. It is like how your teeth would be destroyed if you did not brush them. You look at the pictures wondering what phase of subluxation degeneration you are in.

State of the art Technology

Dr. Kelly has invested in state of the art technology to allow her to perform diagnostic testing in her office. She can objectively assess the function of your nervous system without any radiation. If needed, x-rays are taken, Dr. Kelly will develop them and analyze them. You will look at them together on your next visit. You make an appointment. As you get in your car you think about your first chiropractic visit. You thought you were going to talk about back pain and have some kind of treatment. This is not what happened. You learned that your back pain is a sign that your whole body is not functioning properly, and you have problems with areas that were not in pain. In fact chiropractic has nothing to do with pain.

You are very excited to get home and tell your spouse.

What’s covered in your next visit?: Report of Findings

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